Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time

Is Monogamy a Dead End?

November 08, 2021 Flyover Radio, Inc. Episode 26
Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time
Is Monogamy a Dead End?
Show Notes

What do you do, when two just won't do? A rude question from Rocky of Wild Nights with Rocky Powell sends our gals into the world of polyamory. But this isn't your grandma's swingers club. Polyamory centers around the idea of engaging in meaningful, romantic and physical relationships with multiple partners, turning the very core of our monogamous world up-side-down.

Are polyamorist showing us an enlightened, co-dependent free life, or can you really have your cake and eat it too.  Explore what polyamory means, what the lifestyle entails and if it can make you happier, all to get to the bottom of the rude question: is monogamy a dead end?

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